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Three Things Thursday: The Gary Allan and Brooks and Dunn Concert

5 Aug

I totally forgot about Three Things Thursday until I glanced at my blog reader and saw the posts of other bloggers who do “TTT.”

I immediately decided I could incorporate my concert review around TTT.

I hope you enjoy!


Gary in action... He is fabulous live

I couldn’t get very many good pictures at this concert, because there was a girl in a bright blue cowboy hat dancing around in front of me that kept blocking my view. And while I did manage to catch a few good ones, the photos do no justice to the live music 🙂

2. I am so happy I got to be a part of Brooks and Dunn’s last tour.

Kix Brooks on the big screen - I believe Ronnie is up there on the smaller screens

JP and I have seen B & D before, but this concert was very unique. They really played to the crowd, and even asked for requests. It was one of the better concerts we’ve been to this summer.

3. I love spending time with JP.

Taking some fun photos while waiting for the concert to start

This is the first summer we’ve gone to concerts on our own (usually we go in big groups), and to be honest, we’ve been having a great time. I was a little nervous that going by ourselves might be boring, since we are so used to going with large groups, but we have had no problem entertaining ourselves. I love that kid 🙂

Waiting for the show to start

Well, have a good one. Keep smiling!