12 Aug

Well, I am not going to lie and say I am not disappointed that I am not attending this year’s Healthy Living Summit.

It was actually around this time last year that I started reading blogs, and all of the bloggers were talking about the first HLS. I told myself I would be attending this year, and it just didn’t happen.

I actually got put on the waiting list to get a ticket, and when I was contacted to see if I wanted a ticket, I just could not make it work. Oh well, at least I will be able to read about all the fun everyone is having. I just can’t help but think about all the blogging opportunities I am missing. I really would like to make my blog become something other people would like to read, I just don’t know how to get in that direction…

My bike 🙂

At any rate, instead of getting ready to hop on a plane to Chicago, my day started off with a 45 minute bike ride.

After my ride, I met up with TP and her mom, who are actually heading to Maryland for the next couple of days. I was invited to join them, but JP and I have tickets to a baseball game tonight and a concert tomorrow, so I declined. I think TP needs some alone time with her mom anyway, so it’s for the best.

After a delicious breakfast, I stopped at the local Amish market, where I picked up some dried fruit and nuts. Then it was off to Kohl’s, where I made some minor purchases, but nothing too exciting.

Then I stopped to get some coffee before heading to the library, where I currently sit in a bit of a slump.

The doctor’s office called while I was here and said the blood work I had done on Monday came back normal, so I am still trying to figure out why I feel so wonky. Maybe the tests I have scheduled for next week will tell us something?

At any rate, I have a baseball game to get ready for, so I better get going.

Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain!

Talk to you soon.

Keep smiling!

Do you have a favorite MLB team? I love the Red Sox, but since I live near Philly, I pull for them, too. Well, up until playoffs anyway 🙂


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