That Little Thing Called Life

5 Aug

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. That little thing called life got in the way 🙂

At any rate, yesterday morning started off with a nice 35 minute walk/jog, followed by 25 minutes of toning.

Today, I did some speed work and jogging for 45 minutes. It was intense 🙂

I spent the last two mornings at the enrichment program, but today was my last day, so I won’t be going to school/working any more for at least three weeks. I think I might go crazy!

Both days after work I went shopping – yesterday I went to Target, CVS and Rite Aid (I’m in search of other fueling products for my runs). Today I got an oil change and went to Kmart (I’m looking for a food scale. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find one?)

Both days after shopping, I headed to the library to get some reading done. The only difference is today I have my laptop with me, and yesterday I didn’t, hence the reason why I didn’t blog.

Unlike yesterday, I have no plans for this evening.

Last night I went out for happy hour with four other girls. It was a fun night, and definitely needed.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tonight. Likely making dinner (I’m thinking stir-fry) and just hanging out at the house. Not that I’m complaining. Sometimes you need a down night.

I think I’ll get a start on that concert post.

Have a good afternoon!

Keep smiling!

Anyone have any fun plans for the evening?


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