To ride or not to ride

28 Jul

Waving hello from the top of the stairs that I fell down the other day. Yeah, they call me grace.

Hey hey!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday!

Today was a cross-training day for me, so I headed out at 6 a.m. for a quick 45 minute ride on my bike.

Good ole Pink. Not the best road bike, but not the worst, either. It does the job.

Honestly, I have come to discover that I’m not a huge fan of biking, but I know that I should give my legs a rest from running during my training, and biking is one of the only other options I have.

I think my biggest problem with biking is that I’m afraid I’m going to fall off or get hit by a car. I get severe anxiety when a vehicle goes by me, and when I have to climb hills, I get a little wobbly.

I made it through, though, and am happy to report I rode just under 10 miles in those 45 minutes. I’m not really sure, but I don’t think that’s too shabby :o)

After my workout I followed what has become my morning routine: shower, eat breakfast, fill up with coffee, and head out for the summer enrichment program.

Building in the apartment complex I visited today

Usually I head to the library after work for some emailing and blog reading, but today I  headed to a local apartment complex to check out what apartments are available. TP’s mom is probably going to be moving back into the area, and needs a place to live, so I volunteered to check the place out for them (TP’s grandfather just passed away, so while the apartment hunting needs to take place, it’s not really on the top of their list, and I happily offered to do some shopping around for them).

They are really cute apartments, and if I could afford one, I’d move there myself.

I did eventually make it to the library, which is where I typed the majority of my post. I wanted to add some photos, though, so I had to wait to publish the post until I could get home and add some.

When I got home I mixed up a green monster and had some peanuts before busting out about 15 minutes of toning moves. I honestly wasn’t really feeling toning this afternoon, but once I got started it wasn’t too bad.

In total, I did 75 regular push ups, 75 side push ups on both sides, 45 dips, a bunch of punches, 30 side kicks on both legs, 30 leg lifts on both legs, and 45 of these things I call “Ts”, where I basically bend over holding a five-pound weight, put both my arms out and one leg, and then bring them in towards each other, which counts as one rep. It’s kind of hard to explain, but believe me, they’re a work out.

I am currently sitting on my bedroom floor, blogging and watching the Barefoot Contessa. I just finished rolling a frozen water bottle on my legs, and I am sitting in chilled, relaxed bliss.

I guess that’s it for now.

Have a great evening.

Keep smiling.

What do you think, is it better to buy or rent your home?


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