9 Jul

Good Morning Blog World (well, technically almost Good Afternoon, since it’s 11:30 here, but ya know).

I hope your day is going well so far. Mine has been great!

(Please excuse the sleepy eyes. While I am really a morning person, I'm not terribly photogenic)

Things did start off a little slow, as I had planned to get up at 6 a.m. to get my work out in, but my body just was not having it.

Instead, I waited until JP got off to work around 7:30 to finally get my butt in gear, and even then I settled for a 65 minute walk rather than a run. Yesterday’s speed work was a little difficult, so I knew today’s workout was probably going to be a rough one, and I really wanted to save myself for my long run tomorrow. Today is a scheduled rest day anyway, but I wanted to get some exercise in since it just makes me feel better for the remainder of the day.

(Part of the route I walked this morning)

(The park where I did my speed work yesterday)

(Part of the development I walk through to get to the park)

It was nice to see the thermometer drop a little bit this morning, but it was still warm on the walk, and I immediately regretted not getting up when my alarm went off the first time. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, I guess. I was back to the house by 8:35, where I completed some toning exercises for about 20 minutes.

(Breaking the fast)

The workout was followed by some cottage cheese mixed with Kashi Go Lean, blueberries and grapes, and a cup of coffee and water. As a side note, I drink coffee every morning, usually when I first wake up. Today, I had my coffee with my breakfast, and I definitely did not enjoy either my breakfast or coffee as much. I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the fruit, and the coffee just seemed too bitter. I will definitely be enjoying them separately from now on.

After that I was out the door and headed to the library, where the free internet and AC awaited.

(Soooo many books!)

I was VERY excited to discover the cook book section in the library today, which definitely could be trouble. JP and I are headed to the Tim McGraw concert tonight, which I have been looking forward to all week, but I think he may have to pry me out of the library after this little discovery. Woohoo! Who wants to bake!?

(South Street in Philadelphia, photo from Gabriela's recap of the day!)

On another note, I alluded yesterday to the Philadelphia blogger meet-up I attended about a month ago (June 5, to be exact).

I didn’t want to totally forget about the comment, but in all honesty, I wasn’t blogging then, so I really don’t have any pictures to show from it, and I was so intimidated to actually be meeting all the bloggers that I didn’t say too much. I was also (nervously) sweating so badly that my armpits were soaked, so my main concern was keeping my arms down so that no one could see the sweat that had crept practically down to my waist.

The important thing is that I was there, though, and it was a totally awesome experience.

(See, I was really there! I'm the girl in the purple tank top, looking like an idiot. I believe this photo is from Jenna's recap of the day)

I got to meet Tina, Jenna, Anne, Sabrina, Gracie, and Gabriela, among others, and I got to try self-serve fro-yo for the first time ever! The girls were in town for a conference, which Monica also attended. I was hoping she would make it to the meet-up as well, since I love her blog, but she did not get into town in time. Alas, it was still awesome to meet everyone, and it definitely inspired me to start this blog (Even if it has been over a month since I met them all. What can I say?)

I must admit, I love me some ice cream/fro-yo, and while the yogurt was delicious, it was not so friendly on my wallet. Oh well, for a special occasion, I say go for it! I can’t wait to take JP and TP (although I have a feeling JP might really break the bank on this one :o)

Well, I am off to check out the stack of cook books I just discovered, and to prepare myself for the Timmy concert tonight. Can’t wait.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Also, what is your favorite cookbook?

And, do you like self-serve fro-yo, or do you prefer just ordering from a waitress?

Have a good one!


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