Starting out

6 Jul

It was 80 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. My alarm was set to go off at 6 a.m., but I woke up around 5:45 and could not get back to sleep knowing I had a scheduled 50 minute run to complete. So I climbed out of bed, laced up my shoes, and hit the pavement. Roughly 57 sweaty minutes later, I made it back to the house, and a thermometer reading 82 degrees. It was a hot one, kids.

The run, while seemingly difficult, was actually the easiest thing I had to tackle on my to-do list today. Among the others? Filling out return-to-work papers, applying for two jobs and starting my blog! It’s now 11:22 a.m., and while I haven’t actually been able to totally cross any of these other activities off my list, I’ve at least started them all, and I am extremely pleased with myself.

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a long time. I truly enjoy reading them, but I do not think I’m interesting enough myself to blog about my life every day (let alone three times a day like some bloggers do!). I’ve found myself with some time on my hands this summer, though, and I figure if I’m going to do it, now is as good a time as any. I recently signed up to run a half-marathon in September, so I figure if anything, I can at least write about my experiences training for the longest distance I’ve ever run.

This blog is definitely a work in progress. Please bear with me as I work the kinks out and develop it into a piece of work I can truly be proud of.


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